Hidden Healthies Helps Solve Our Kids’ Health Crisis

Kid-Approved Healthy Food With Stealth Veggies

Hidden Healthies products are featured in a story covered by a Washington D.C. area television news station. A school in Fairfax County, Virginia succeeds at getting kids to eat healthy. Watch as they respond to being served their favorite dishes with vegetables hidden inside.

Click here to visit WUSA9.com and see the full story.

It's time for healthy meal choices at schools, restaurants and home

Young american eating habits just don’t measure up. School lunches might be healthy, but they’re often ho-hum and picked over. And once kids get home or go out, healthy takes a back seat to quick and tasty. Only a slim 2% of them are meeting the daily recommendations for a healthy diet according to the most recent Food Guideline Pyramid.

  • 80% of our kids fail to eat just the minimum recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.
  • 60% of our kids eat more than the recommended guideline for total fat intake.
  • 80% of our kids eat more saturated fats than the recommended amount.

Hidden Healthies makes nutritious food delicious and easy

We know that convenience is king at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Increasing demands on working parents leaves less time than ever for shopping or cooking for our kids. But fast food is the last food we should be feeding to our children. That’s the reason we created Hidden Healthies prepared meals. It’s Stealth Health! The vegetables are actually hidden in the main course. Kids really love the taste, and you’ll be delighted with how quick and painless it is to offer a balanced, healthy diet to your children. It’s time to step up to the plate and ask your local grocer, restaurant and schools if they’re helping to solve our kids’ health crisis with Hidden Healthies meals.

"I can't believe it had squash in it. I hate squash."

Self described veggie hater